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Our Promise
Ausmanos – in stock now, in stock always.
Our Brand
The Ausmanos brand was brought to life by the founders of hair product brands Instant Rockstar and NED, both Australian made with global distribution.
Combining the 20 year manufacturing knowledge and infrastructure, IRS Australia pivoted during the 2020 global pandemic crisis and brought Ausmanos to market.
Our Goal
To supply premium hand sanitiser and offer it at a reasonable price point for Australians.
Our goal has been to deliver not only a product that is desperately needed, but a product that is made on Australian shores and is always readily available for purchase.
Our Process
Our Chemists have formulated our products to meet our GMP certification (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certification No. 0034-327-01.
In order to bring the Brand and product to market, we launched Ausmanos from our existing location here in Melbourne. We used the resources and infrastructure available from our hair care business (established for 20 years) and made the painstaking shift in production from hair care product development to the safe and legal development of Ausmanos hand sanitiser products.
Today we safely ship hundreds of litres of hand sanitiser from our Melbourne location to Australians all over the country. We have an SDS link...HereDelivery of our product is generally carried out via Australia post, arriving 2-3 days from dispatch.
Our Commitment to our Community
To provide product to industries that genuinely rely on health and safety of hand sanitiser, like nursing home nurses or public building operators as a priority to ensure Ausmanos contributes to positively impacting the health and safety of the community.
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